luni, 1 martie 2010



1.) Consultancy for NGO
Development of a marketing and funding strategy for the London Schubert Players Trust project Invitation to composers in Romania, facilitating media partnership, sponsorship from Banks and other institutional bodies such as ARCUB and DRRP; and securing a contract with the National Radio Concert Hall in Bucharest for a public performance, workshop and CD recordings).

2.) Consultancy for marketing (in Romania and in the Romanian Diaspora) for the new London record label “Romanian Musical Adventure” (RMA) and implementation of publicity for the release of two CDs with a British-Romanian profile (BBC archive recordings with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra conducted by legendary Romanian-born conductor Constantin Silvestri).

3.) Development of a marketing strategy for Liga Culturala pentru unitatea spirituala a Romanilor de pretutindeni .

4.) Publishing project
The members of the Association supported the publishing of the book of poetry “Tarmurile iubirii ” by Ionela Flood, winner of Grigore Vieru Prize 2009 and Alba Iulia Local Council Prize 2009.

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